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(J)ohnston (H)ummel Farms

In 2017 Chris and Missy got married after having first met at St. Joseph Scollard Hall in 2002. In 2018, Missy with deep farming family roots in Trout Creek (Hummel Farms), and Chris an eager to learn city boy purchased a 300 acre former beef farm that hasn't been farmed in over 20 years. After completely taking the farm house down to the foundation and rebuilding, they are now ready to begin bringing you farm fresh products, creative desserts, and homemade crafts. Join us for our journey.

Best Hot Chocolate Ever!

I bought hot choc bombs for my family for Christmas eve. They all said it was the best hot choc ever...

Kathy Lukasik

5 Star Service

Unbelievable 5 service from the folks at JH Farms! Great products along with great service makes us SO happy...

Melissa Mackey